Friday, February 20, 2015

Into Growing Things

Another Journal page.  She planted herself.....She was into growing things.
I guess this one is about me looking forward to Spring and being more grounded.  Grounded in a sense that I am focusing more on my artwork and less on the hassles of everyday life.

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rebirth Journal page

I'd like to share a journal page I did today.  It's sort of a self portrait although it looks nothing like me.  But today is my birthday so it's about me.  I've written in a diary / journal every day since I was 15 years old.  Its been good therapy for me.  I vent, dream, wonder, bitch and complain in my diary.  In the written word.  And sometimes I draw there too.  The little mermaid at the bottom right of this page is from my diary.  On a day when I was not wanting to go to work.  To my Day Job.  It fits on this page as a celebration because I am here, painting.  NOT AT WORK.  I plan to try to include drawings from my "Diary" on a lot of my journal pages.  It seems right to me.  My plan is to revisit my Art Journal pages and add to them when the mood strikes.


I used scrap paper again....on the left side.  It seems to go with everything.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Painting

I spent this morning in my studio painting junk mail and jumbo playing cards.  Yesterday at Joanna's class I discovered the joys of Black Gesso.  It really makes color POP!  And I found a new favorite paint color "Lemonade" by Americana.  Joanna gave us each a pack of Jumbo playing cards.  They are children's playing cards and measure about 3.5 x 4.76 inches.  It's really a great size to work on.  Bigger than an ATC but not too big.

This is my method to create the cards.  Lightly sand the paper until the shiny stuff comes off.  Then apply a light coat of Gesso.  I used black Gesso on the cards.  My next step was to load up paint on the cards and smoosh them together.  SMOOSHING makes such cool patterns and texture. Then I painted in some circles by twirling my brush around in place.  Just press the brush down and twirl it!

I recently bought some Acrylic inks by Liquitex.....I've been wondering how I would use them and the light bulb went off today.  I got out my mini mister by Ranger and spritzed both cards with Burnt Sienna ink.  Love that stuff and Love that color on the blue green background. 

After the cards were good and dry I decided to doodle some faces on them.  As much as I love pure color and texture.....I love faces too so I had to add them.  These are very simple faces and very easy to do.

I scanned the cards at a higher resolution than normal.  I hope it helps to show you just how vibrant and full of texture they are in real life.

Faces on Jumbo cards - Pensive & Gentle
Junk Mail - A small card and a flyer

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

21 Secrets

I'm really looking forward to April! 

I'm going to participate in the workshop  21 Secrets hosted by Dirty Footprints Studio

It's all about ARt Journaling

Check out the blog of  Roxanne Coble   She will be one of the instructors. 

Anybody out there in Blog Land doing this too?