Sunday, December 21, 2014

Just One More Post

It's been a long time since I paid any attention to my blog.  I'm hoping to remedy that. I've changed my background and my header today.  It was not too hard to do that.  

 If you've been here before you may notice that I've changed track a bit.  My focus now is more on Mixed Media artwork.  

And I just recently got bit by the Art Journaling bug.  I never really got it before...but now I think I do.  It's kind of like self therapy.  You create the art and then connect it to your heart with your words.  I think it puts more meaning into the artwork.   I'm not the least bit know what sappy is right?  I'm not going to go on and on about JOY, HOPE, PEACE and LOVE.  ETC. ETC.  But I do have feelings and sometimes I don't realize how strong those feelings are.  I think Art Journaling helps me to connect with my feelings before they FREAKING KILL ME by holding them in!  LOL LOL LOL  It's also a great way to try new techniques.  


Journal page and modeling paste

Don't use modeling paste near the hand!  I did that on this page and it looks a bit tacky and chunky along the seam.  Oh well......

This page was done in a children's board book.  You know those books for little kids where all the pages are thick and hard...they make great art journals.  You can get them from Goodwill for like .50 cents each!  Sand off all the shiny painting, cover with gesso and you are ready to re-use it for your journal pages / art work.The pages are strong enough to hold up to painting and collage.

My thoughts here were about the ocean, the fish in the sea, my swimming pool that I just got (LOve) this past summer and so forth and so on.....


This is a Journal page that I did recently in what I call my Fat Book.  It's just an old book that I got at the flea market.  I glue 4-5 pages together with Mod Podge to give me a good foundation for painting and collage.  This is a double page using both hand painting, drawing and a bit of collage.  My thoughts were about the world being over populated.  What will we do after we Use Up everything we've got?
On the left page, bottom right is a white mark I made using a rubber fishing lure given to me by my husband.  On the right page I used an image from a magazine, stencils, gelli printed paper, etc. etc.

Monday, November 24, 2014

ART Journaling

I recently discovered a local Art Journaling Group!  I'm very happy to have found a few artistic souls who share my passion for mixed media art.  I just wanted to say that....................

AND to share this link to 21 Secrets  it looks like it would be a great big bunch of classes for anyone who enjoys art journaling or mixed media art.

Take Care and
Happy Holidays!